Tankless Water Heater Repair


Let Our Jonesboro Plumbers Get Yours Working Again!

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming one of the most popular and economical upgrades for homeowners looking to reduce their utility bills and their impact on the environment. In fact, with the amount of money these systems save, they can actually pay for themselves in savings over the course of the lifespan of a new tank-style water heater (approximately eight years or so). However, just like their tank-style predecessors, a tankless water heater system is not immune from breakdowns or other problems which can cause them to stop working. So when one impacts your system, make sure you call the experienced Jonesboro plumbers from Chris West Plumbing to get it working again!

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We Fix Any Tankless Water Heater Problem!

A tankless water heater can supply you with a potentially limitless amount of hot water, but only if it works properly. So when something goes wrong, you need a company who can fix it. At Chris West Plumbing, we figure out the best repair solution and then implement it quickly and correctly so you can go back to having a stable and consistent supply of hot water as soon as possible.

Common Causes Of Issues Include:

  • Broken heating elements
  • Bad electrical connections
  • Faulty water connections
  • Faulty or broken gas connections
  • Water heater leaks

Keep Your Tankless Water Heater Running With Maintenance

We even provide maintenance services for your tankless water heater! A tankless water heater should be maintained at least once a year for optimal performance and longevity. This is more difficult than a simple tank flush like you would do for your old water heater, however—it’s still a service that should be performed by a professional to ensure that it’s done right and your home continues to receive a dependable supply of hot water.

Choose Chris West Plumbing For All Your Repair Needs

At Chris West Plumbing, your home is our number-one priority. We’re homeowners ourselves, and that means we understand the frustration of not having hot water when you need it. We service all different makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, which means we can get to the bottom of whatever problem is affecting your system and get it working again in no time. We also make sure to provide your home with the respect and caution that we would demand from anyone servicing our own home—we wear clean shoes with socks or shoe covers over our feet to keep your floors clean, and we keep our work area tidy to minimize the mess and disruption to your life. When we’re done, we leave your home better than when we arrived.

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