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Reliable Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

When your garbage disposal becomes jammed or stops working altogether, turn to Chris West Plumbing. As a seasoned plumbing company with over 20 years of experience, we are aware of how much homeowners like you rely on garbage disposals to keep your kitchens clean and sanitary. That is why you can count on us to provide prompt, professional services when it comes to this essential kitchen equipment. Whether you need garbage disposal repair or installation, we deliver high-quality work every time.

Call us today at (870) 931-9634 for reliable garbage disposal services in Jonesboro.

Fixing Garbage Disposal Issues On The Same Day

A problematic garbage disposal can leave your kitchen smelly and messy. Lucky for you, Chris West Plumbing offers same-day appointments to get your garbage disposal running again in no time.

We Solve All Kinds Of Garbage Disposal Issues Including:
  • Jammed disposals
  • Leaking disposals
  • Mechanical problems such as overheating
  • Running disposal but the blades are not moving

Our expert plumbers are experienced in all makes and models of garbage disposals. In case it’s time for a replacement, we can also help you find a new unit and provide you with proper installation.

DIY Maintenance Tips

At Chris West Plumbing, we always recommend you call a professional for garbage disposal services. However, if you want to save on repair costs, the best way is to prevent problems early on.

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Tip-Top Shape:
  • Ensure proper use of the disposal – Do not put large items or food waste that can cause clogging such as coffee grounds, rice, pasta, and other fibrous food.
  • Keep it smelling fresh – Grind some lemon or orange wedges down the disposal to get rid of foul odors.
  • Clean the disposal on a weekly basis – Flush your garbage disposal with clean, cold water to help loosen food waste in the drain line.
  • Keep the blades clean and sharp – Put ice cubes down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal. Grinding ice cubes help sharpen the blades and remove accumulated food waste.
  • Perform monthly maintenance work – Pour half cup of baking soda down the disposal followed by one cup of vinegar. Let the solution fizz and foam. After a few minutes, rinse the solution with hot water.

One other thing that you should always remember is to never put your hand down the garbage disposal. In case you dropped something, use tongs or scissors to retrieve it or call a member of our team to help you.

Request same-day garbage disposal services in Jonesboro today. Contact us at (870) 931-9634 or online!