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Identifying Sewer Issues Effectively

Whether you are experiencing multiple sewage backups or there is a strong sewer gas odor in your home, turn to Chris West Plumbing for comprehensive sewer inspection. Utilizing a variety of reliable tests, particularly sewer smoke testing, our expert plumbers can determine the condition of your sewer line and diagnose the source of the problem quickly.

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How the Sewer Smoke Testing Procedure Works?

Sewer smoke testing is one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods for sewer line inspections. The process includes blowing a non-toxic smoke into the sanitary sewer line. If the sewer is good, the smoke will simply emerge through the manhole lids along the line or through the roof vents. However, if there are any irregularities in the sewer line, the smoke will point them all out by escaping through them.

Some of the most common issues a sewer smoke testing can identify include:

  • Cracks and breaks in the pipes
  • Tree root issues
  • Faulty or missing P-traps
  • Faulty wax seal under toilets

Once we determine the problem areas within your sewer line, we will follow this up with a video camera inspection for a more accurate diagnosis.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sewer Smoke Testing

Most cities throughout the country conduct random smoke testing in various neighborhoods to help identify leaks and infiltration problems in the sanitary sewer system. However, if you wish to have our plumbing team come out to your home and conduct this test, we are just a phone call away.

Here are some reasons to conduct sewer smoke testing in Jonesboro:

  • The process is fast and simple
  • It is more cost-effective than any other sewer inspection methods
  • The smoke is non-toxic and won’t cause harm to humans, pets, plants, furniture, or clothing

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