Plenty of Parts On-Hand

Our Services

We understand your time is valuable and your need is urgent. Our staff makes every effort to accommodate your needs and schedule. Our plumbers are equipped to repair the water and sewer leaks or problems that arise in your home. We have the tools, parts and supplies needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently. We keep a large stock of parts on our service trucks at all times, which allows for quick service repairs with quality service.

As a full-service residential plumbing company, we can also provide plumbing services and installations for remodeling projects.

 Our trucks are well equipped, restocked daily with hundreds of plumbing parts. Our staff is courteous, respectful of your property, and of course we clean up.

What Plumbing Service Do You Need?

Gas Line for Logs


It’s NEVER a good time to have a plumbing problem in your home. By utilizing a variety of techniques and equipment, our skilled plumbers will have your home back to normal.  

Our residential services include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Plumbing service and repair
  • Plumbing remodel and restoration
  • Fixture installations
  • Drain cleaning and repair
  • Gas piping installation
  • Gas logs and heating services
  • Water Heater installation/repair
  • Tankless water Heater installation
Work Truck


At Chris West Plumbing, our specialty is quality plumbing installations for your kitchen or bath as its being transformed into a fresh and functional space. Whether you want to update from top to bottom or replace a fixture such as a toilet or shower, we can install your plumbing in a custom design that you're sure to love!

We bring years of experience, so we're there to help you decide on which route to take based on your budget and design needs.

To us, your bathroom or kitchen is a daily necessity and showcases your home. So let us do the heavy lifting and help you achieve a space that's everything you need!

We do all kinds of remodeling, such as:

  • Plumbing for bathroom remodel/restorations
  • Plumbing for Kitchen remodel
  • Gas lines for cook tops, Fireplace/gas logs, heaters
  • Whole house Generators

So call today for your free estimate!

Under the Sink

Repair & Maintenance

Just like your car, your plumbing system and appliances need regular repairs and maintenance to continue running smoothly and safely. Don't wait until you have an expensive repair bill on your hands! Let us fix a dripping faucet sooner rather than later so everyone can be happy.

Leaning toward fixing the problem yourself? Don't risk the damage and frustration! Our team of professional plumbers handle these situations on a daily basis and can save you the time and trouble spent under the sink. With our crew of professional plumbers, we'll handle your repair and maintenance issues in no time!